Having just moved from New Mexico back to Colorado and having moved all of my life insurance business phone and internet services I feel compelled, while on hold with Century Link account representative Jose AB01112, to say that corporate America might as well be corporate Russia it is so anti customer friendly. In fact I say that kind of speaking out of school since I’m not positive that customer service sucks in Russia. But I have heard that there is a lot of corruption there and I think that is a valid comparison to the way large companies treat us “valued customers”. The bill I am on the phone with Jose to discuss is for $1478.00, all early termination fees. Even though at the time I cancelled my service there I signed up for even more service here, they want me to pay them $1478 of early termination fees.

I remember when CenturyLink was Quest and before that US West and before that?? Ma Bell? In about my third year in business as Hinerman Group I remember my phone bills running about $1000 a month. More lines, more people but also a big difference in the type of customer service if I had to call the phone company. I was treated with dignity when I paid higher bills. With each merger has come more and more belligerence toward customers. I’m an adult and have run a successful business for 15 years and I can tell you that I can come away from signing up for services with a company having been bundled and long term contracted completely to death, and never know it.

It’s gotten to the place where a person would be well advised to enlist a contract attorney to review signing up for phone, internet, cable TV, water, sewer and the newspaper. Of course they might save you a lot of money and you would find out later that you are on the hook for a 7 year retainer fee contract for legal services.

Bottom line. I just felt like whining. I came out on the winning side with Century Link. I really only owed them $66, not $1478. Makes me wonder why they billed me for it then. Anyway, onward and upward. Please know that if you decide to cancel your life insurance with me you won’t be charged any early termination fee. If you happen to have your life insurance through your auto and homeowner’s agent the same might not be true. It could cost you to unbundle. If you have questions or if I can help you unbundle your life insurance, call or email me directly. My name is Ed Hinerman. Let’s talk.