All of you who have taken care of business and have life insurance in force, skip to my next post. You have done the right thing and are to be commended for being for being among the one third of adults who take their responsbilities seriously.

As for the rest of you, what gives? Even for those who are a bit more challenged due to health issues, very few are uninsurable and there simply isn’t any good excuse. I’ve heard all the standard, lame excuses.

1. I don’t have time right now. Well, frankly, if you don’t have time to purchase life insurance then you had probably starting wearing diapers. The truth is that you will spend more time sitting on a toilet this week than it takes you to apply for life insurance.

2. I want to lose weight first so I can get a better rate. I have had hundreds of people use that one over the years, and I can count on one hand those that actually lost weight, applied and got the insurance in force. How about getting what you can afford at your current weight and if you do happen to lose weight, reapply and replace your insurance with a less expensive option.

3. I can’t afford it right now. I know these are tough economic times and of all the excuses this is probably the only valid one. If you can’t pay for it, how can you buy it? I hate to pull a Dr Phil on this one, but suck it up and look at where your money is going right now. Is there something on that list that is less important than your family’s future? Swap that money for as much life insurance as it will buy. Get term insurance and keep it inexpensive, but please don’t make life insurance second to satellite TV or HBO.

4. I have coverage at work and want to wait until my retirement next year to purchase a policy to replace it. Do it now!!!! I can’t even begin to make you understand just how real the catastrophic stories are that come out of putting a purchase off. Health changes. People die. Again, buy term insurance and buy it cheap for now. The worst that can come from that is that your widow will get more if you die prior to retirement. Is that so bad? If your health is still good at retirement, replace it with what you really need at that point.

5. I’m going to shop it or think about it for a while! Don’t be foolish. Put insurance in force, even if it’s the wrong policy and then replace it later after you shop, or think about it, or whatever. In the meantime you will have done the responsible thing and covered your family in case you shop or think yourself to death.

Bottom line. Excuses will get your family absolutely nowhere if you die. Do the right thing and do it now. Don’t even put this on a New Year’s resolution list. You shouldn’t have to put “take care of your family” on a list.