I know in the past I have been less than flattering with my opinion of the ADA as an advocacy group for the diabetes community. I would feel like a loose cannon if it wasn’t an opinion that seems to be fairly widespread.

My beef, of course, has always been that they refuse to talk about or allow open, non sales conversation on their forum about one of the leading concerns that folks with diabetes face, the ability to find affordable life insurance. I ran into this the first time when I posted a comment simply laying out the criteria that life insurance underwriters use to analyze how to rate diabetes. I didn’t pitch anything. Didn’t say call me. Just laid out some useful information.

I was roundly verbally abused by the ADA blog watch dog. And when I say abused, it was seriously a nasty repudiation for attempting to sell on their forum. I phoned the dog and reviewed the post with him and he admitted that he had over reacted, but still wouldn’t allow the information to be posted.

Anyway, this isn’t about my strong bond with the ADA. Through the grapevine I ran across Alliance Health who appears to be on the brink of providing a true advocacy outlet for the diabetic community through a website that is up and functioning but at this point is still being completed. After speaking with them it appears they should be fully functional by next month. Check out Diabetic Connect in its’ infancy.

Bottom line. I’ve found over the years that the more I can be of service, the more my business grows. I don’t provide information in hopes of sucking in life insurance business, but I have been blessed that what goes around, in general, comes around.