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Remember the good old days when livers were done in by drinking too much? Cirrhosis of the liver can eventually lead to liver failure or liver cancer, kind of a no win situation unless you have a spare hidden in the closet.

Now studies show that obesity can lead to a situation called non alcoholic fatty liver disease, which left unchecked (you don’t lose weight), can lead to cirrhosis, failure and cancer and eventually to that hunt for a spare liver. This is becoming alarmingly frequent in young people who, unfortunately, are rarely tested for liver functions.

I will continue to beat this obesity issue to death just on the off chance that someone, even if they aren’t in the market for life insurance, will read and learn that the number of ways that those extra pounds can kill you is simply staggering. Diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, several kinds of cancer and yes, liver disease.

Just a few plugs for common sense. If you are obese and don’t have any of these things going on yet, buy life insurance now. If you are obese and can’t lose weight through traditional methods, seriously consider gastric bypass. Forget those people who say that’s just taking the easy way out of your problem. This is about your life and saving it. Just consider it. Talk to your doctor.

Bottom line. The weight of obesity is crushing our nation and especially the young people. Overweight teens have no concept of the problems they will be facing in their 30’s and 40’s if they don’t do something now.