I thought I was going to be famous when I figured out how to play a game of Monopoly, not even life insurance Monopoly, with four people in under a half hour, beginning to end. I think we could add Life insurance and make the game shorter. Just put one square out there that is “life insurance big enough to win” and game over.

But alas I am stuck working for a living. It’s a good thing I love it, but right now is really hard. I mentioned the other day the diagnosis of bipolar II and a mild traumatic brain injury and with each passing day it seems to be taking more of a toll and going different directions. That wasn’t even a bipolar joke. I was talking to my assistant today about how this has really caught me with my pants down, philosophically. Of all the things I planned for or considered I truly thought the nature of my job being desk, phone and internet related made dead just about the only way I could be taken out of work. The President or CEO of a company, albeit small, doesn’t just lose his ability to think.

And truly over the years I may have whined some in this forum, but the number of ailments and injuries I’ve gone through while writing to you has been extensive. Broken whatever!! On my left side I’ve broken my collar bone, shoulder, arm, no doubt a finger or two and the lower part of my leg and ankle. On my right side, about 20 years ago I kicked a lawn chair thinking it would be good to let off some steam. The toe I broke, the second one, has been shorter since then than my big toe and painful.

But my mind? Mood disorders? Multiple things pulling my head in different directions? My ability to string thoughts together and help people understand truth and fiction? My ability to type and write, to talk, to even say my own name normally?  My ability to study and debate important topics and impairments like HIV positive life insurance and Indexed Universal Life that sucks the marrow out of out industry? My ability to hold my most important relationships together, those with my Lord and my wife? How do you plan for that.

Bottom Line. What my mom did say was that, “you think you got it bad, try being a Mom”? After raising me she never quite got resolved with motherhood, but back to the point. For better or worse I am in a career that requires some presence of mind and since I don’t have the luxury of taking off I am surrounding myself with people, not to transition me out, but to transition the business to a level where I am less needed and can take the time to heal. If you have questions, suggestions or have received unfair decisions or service that has been lacking with life insurance, call or email me directly. My name is Ed Hinerman. Let’s talk