I love to golf. There are very few things that carry that same feeling as a well hit drive or sinking a long putt (or for me not missing a short one), but when we can get a case approved at better than standard rates for someone with a history of melanoma, well, it’s a good day. Today we got two cases approved. 300 yards right down the middle.

Our approvals from Prudential and Banner today came on a case where the clients had been declined by previous companies. They both provided pathology reports and were ready to help at every turn of the application process which made my job of shopping and getting the applications approved quicker and a lot easier.

As is true with any cancer, stage and grade make all the difference in how a case is underwritten, provided it’s with the right company. With melanoma one of the most important factors is the Clark’s level or Breslow level. In a nutshell these measurements indicate how deep the melanoma, from Clark level 1 being on the skin surface to Clark level 5 being fully invasive through the skin.

Obviously the less invasive the better since melanoma can be a deadly disease once it goes past the skin layers. In the two approved cases above they were levels 2 and 3 respectively. Both were stage 1. Interesting that while a lot of people think time since treatment is the driving factor with cancer, one of these was 8 years ago and one 3 years ago.

Underwriting the two other types of skin cancer, basal cell and squamous cell carcinomas is much easier as both have a very low mortality rate, or said another way an extremely high survival rate. Rates as good as preferred plus are not out of the question. There are some underwriters who will take a harder stance if there have been multiple instances of either.

Bottom line. Melanoma is an impairment worth shopping. It definitely falls into the category of one company’s decline being another company’s approval.

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