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A year and a half after I was run over by the HIV+ life insurance bus I’ve kept on plugging away and now, finally, my wounds have healed and we have finally stepped back on the bus. The rumor has circulated for years that companies were ready to entertain approving traditional life insurance for the exceptionally well controlled HIV+ clients and yesterday a client was approved for a $1 million policy. Seriously! Approved as in this man now has a life insurance policy that will pay his beneficiary $1 million in the event of ANY cause of death (obviously except for the 2 year, 1 year in Colorado suicide clause). No HIV exclusion. No waiting period.

The underwriting criteria are tight, but we’ve known that they would be and they should be for a long time. I’m going to hit the highlights and please, please understand that I’m not here to debate anything. This is what it is and if you don’t qualify, we don’t have any reason to talk.

1. Client must be 35 or older at the time of application. (I have 3 perfect clients who are almost 35 and they have to wait)

2. Must have been HIV+ more than 3 years at the time of diagnosis

3. Must have a history of an undetectable viral load and a CD4 consistently in the normal range of 500-1200

4. Must be under treatment with antiretroviral drugs

5. No history of Hep C and no history of IV drug use

6. Client must be a non smoker

7. Client must have a almost spotless health record other than the HIV+. No you can’t get approved for life insurance if you also have coronary artery disease, diabetes, a history of cancer, etc. I’m looking for clients right now that might have had a few simple issues like well controlled borderline blood pressure, but there is nothing to be gained at this point in time in throwing anything complicated to these underwriters. They are working hard to get this right and we need to give them room to breath and get it right.

8. No history ever of non compliance with HIV treatment.

The company underwriting this has some great pricing on their permanent no lapse guarantee universal life insurance and while I don’t usually recommend permanent life insurance for all of your life insurance needs, think about this. HIV+ life insurance approval has been years and years and years coming. Until there is significant actuarial and mortality data on these policies it is, for lack of a better term, fragile. The ability to get a policy can go away as quickly as it did during my experience in 2014 and who knows whether it will come back. Those that have it can keep it, but if you buy a term policy and the whole idea goes south, your insurance is going to run out.

Bottom line. I know I live at 8400′, but know that I am walking carefully and breathing air more rarified than usual. This is an opportunity for individuals and business owners to get something they’ve needed but been denied forever. If you have questions or believe that you are right dead center in the sweet spot of the criteria above, I should be able to help you secure up to $1 million of life insurance in spite of your HIV+ status. Email or call me directly. My name is Ed Hinerman. Let’s talk.