I get so tired of doctors (what’s new?) who make a diagnosis and just give people prescriptions and basically just tell them to go away and take their medicine.

My office manager’s mother was recently diagnosed as being type 2 diabetic. She was put on Metformin and told to come back in three months for a checkup. Being a good working knowledge of diabetes from having work on literally hundreds of cases in her career in life insurance, she began to ask her mother questions. What was her A1c? Mom didn’t know. What did the doctor suggest to do other than take the medication? Nothing. What was the diagnosis based on? A one time glucose reading of 113!!! Were there any other labs out of normal? Didn’t know. Did the doctor discuss what’s normal and what it would take to get back to normal on a long term basis? No!!!

This guy is a quack of the worst kind. No retest. No A1c. No recommendation to try diet and exercise first. No education as to why he recommended what he did and what type 2 diabetes means in the whole scheme of things.

Bottom line. I think every exam room should have a computer link to Google so that when a doctor makes a diagnosis, they can immediately pull up information for a client and discuss and print it out so that the client understands their diagnosis or misdiagnoses, what their options are and what their prognosis should be given the different options. Doctors that just write prescriptions and turn and walk out should be given a CDL and told to go drive trucks for a living.