The picture keeps getting brighter for the four categories of international and foreign national life insurance. The first is Americans living abroad, whether ex-patriots, missionaries or retirees. The second is foreign nationals living in the US who are still citizens of their home country and the third is foreign nationals who are still living and working abroad with no ties to the US. The fourth is foreign business owners, executives and anyone who needs business life insurance in almost any country that isn’t considered a war zone.

This third category ending with “no ties to the US” is absolutely huge. With Lloyds of London unceremoniously stepping out the international term insurance market recently and with companies like Pan American Life still requiring applications to be signed and exams to be completed in the US, the life insurance world was ripe for this opportunity. We now have a company that not only doesn’t require ties to the US, but doesn’t require an application and exam to be completed in the US. And the frosting on this international cake is that the payments don’t have to come from a US banking institution. Foreign companies needing business life insurance are eating this up and the price is so good that we’ve had companies take out permanent policies as part of executive bonus plans.

And unlike Lloyds or Pan American we now have access to a portfolio of fully guaranteed products, 10, 20 and 30 year terms and whole life. And OMG this is all offered at outstanding prices that give good reason to not care if Lloyds is out of the international term market or that Pan American even exists. To say that this opportunity has been a long time coming is highly understated. Having served business life insurance clients and missionaries for nearly 20 years, and foreign nationals to the small extent that American companies have made it accessible, I am beside myself with the excitement that this opportunity has created.

Bottom line. The good news is everything above. The bad news, if you can call it bad, is that the limit is $10 million per individual. No question in my mind that the good far outweighs the bad and anyone residing outside the US or foreign nationals residing in the US should at least look into this great opportunity. If you have questions or would like quotes or want to see what we can do with an executive or company wide bonus plan, call or email me directly. My name is Ed Hinerman. Let’s talk.