We just wrapped up a life insurance application with a successful approval at a standard rate class, the best we could have hoped for even in the absence of the bypass history.

We have been dog determined to point out through this forum that the social stigma and risks that have often been attached to gastric bypass or lap band surgery is far outweighed by the almost immediate health benefits.

Probably the most dramatic of those is the crazy fast impact that a gastric bypass attack on obesity can have on type 2 diabetes. It is truly not uncommon for people who have been battling diabetes for years to actually be able to get off of medication within just a few weeks of surgery and have their glucose levels remain low on their own.

Of course from a life insurance standpoint, the results can take a person from truly not insurable to standard or better rates in just a few years time. Generally companies will want to see weight level off and stabilized for a year before they will reward a person with standard rates. Since weight loss usually goes on for 6 months to a year, a good rule of thumb is that the life insurance reward is going to show about two years post surgery.

In the case we just got approved the client who is 6’2 and was 405#, has been stable at 265# for over a year. He is no longer treated for diabetes or high blood pressure. And he is able to provide his family with life insurance protection that because of his weight and risk factors was simply out of reach before.

Bottom line. Gastric bypass surgery is probably not for everyone, but considering the mortality risks associated with unchecked obesity, it’s worth a look.