What if you had a large membership payment due, a one time payment, that was due and payable the day you die? What if that payment was substantial, say $150,000.

That’s the membership fee at the Alcor Life Extension Foundation, an organization devoted to the freezing of it’s members brains, to be preserved for some possible point in the future when it can be thawed out and used again.

Now, I don’t mean to make light of this, as foreign as it seems to me. Those people who are members and potential members have found some hope and comfort in knowing that their mind will survive their physical death.

Anyway, before I dig myself in to deep, the answer to the membership cost question is that the person can take out a life insurance policy with Alcor as the owner and the beneficiary. Because Alcor doesn’t want to be put in the position of potentially having to pay premiums, this is generally done with a single premium universal life policy. One payment and the policy is turned over to Alcor for their use upon your death.

By the way, at least with Alcor, once you’ve taken out this policy, you can change your mind (keeping it rather than freezing it). Alcor does have a policy of returning ownership to the insured with 30 days notice should they decide to go a different direction upon their death.

Bottom line. Just when you think you’ve seen every use for life insurance…….