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Until artificial intelligence gets to the point where we can just think life insurance in force, we’re stuck with three options. You still have to apply for life insurance so make a choice: easy, easier, or frustrating. It’s your choice but I am all for keeping as much frustration out of my life and the life of my clients as possible.

Why is Life Insurance So Frustrating?

So, the bad news is that frustrating is the norm in life insurance shopping. The industry is constantly reloading with life insurance agents who think the business is an instant way to a great income. This is why 95% of new agents never make it past their first year. It’s hard work on our part to learn how to do the job right and persist long enough to become good at it.

That means that at any given time you apply for life insurance you are more than likely going to deal with an agent who is desperate for a sale and doesn’t know how to get you the most bang for your buck. These new agents are often pushed to sell the products most profitable for the company, not necessarily what’s best for you. You are also more than likely going to be working with a captive agent, an agent who sells for just one company. The downside to that is that you are stuck with that company’s underwriting opinion and if the agent is captive he can’t go shop for a second opinion.

What Makes Life Insurance Easy?

So now that I beat frustrating to death, let’s talk about easy and easier.  With healthy clients applying for life insurance, it can be as easy as contacting me and having me set up a phone interview leading to an approval within, well, sometimes just hours but more commonly within a week or two. I have one company that will approve life insurance without an exam for up to $2.5 million at their best rate class. I have other companies that will approve policies in just a week or two with an exam and their rates are a little better, but you have easy options. Through another company I can get war zone life insurance in place within a week without an exam. That’s easy for those civilian contractors who work in dangerous places.

Are you catching on to the fact that I am not strapped to one company? While I have plenty of healthy clients, I have even more clients that come to me because they have health issues that have made it hard to find affordable life insurance. For those with health issues I always start by getting all of the health information that I’ve learned underwriters need and then I shop the case to 20 or 30 companies that are all good at impaired risk (health issues). That way when I provide a quote that has an excellent chance of no surprises coming up which leads to frustration, and remember, we are avoiding frustration.

Bottom Line

I am an experienced independent agent and I bust my rear every day to make sure your life insurance application is an easy experience. If you have questions or have run in to less than satisfactory results through other agents, call or email me directly. My name is Ed Hinerman. Let’s talk.