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Most of the private pilots in the US have had some experience with the effect their hobby or avocation has on their life insurance rates. Insurance companies generally don’t look favorably on private aviation and the insurance quotes that most companies and agents provide reflect that.

There are a few companies out there that offer fair, reasonable rates for term insurance and universal life as long as the pilot meets thresholds. These thresholds reward those who are experienced and fly enough to maintain their proficiency. It’s important when a pilot chooses an agent, that they question that agents’ experience and proficiency in finding competitive rates.

For the perfectly healthy pilot or those with only mild health issues such as high blood pressure or possibly being a bit overweight there are plenty of players. But even at this level shopping around a bit is prudent. Some agencies have their “primary” carrier and they may tend to push in the direction of that company even if it isn’t the best rate available with minor impairments.

Where things become a little more complex and the proficiency of the agent is tested is when there are health issues that are more complicated. For instance, when a client has diabetes and is a private pilot, going to the same company as an agent would use for a perfectly healthy client is generally going to be a bad idea.

A tough pill to swallow and one that may take some patience to work through is when a pilot is grounded by the FAA for health reasons and then eventually regains their flight certificate when the FAA decides they have met their health criteria for private aviation. Life insurance underwriters don’t always agree with the FAA and it may take some time to reach the underwriter’s threshold for approval with full aviation coverage.

Bottom line. Shop it. Even those agencies who claim to the best with pilots don’t always offer the best rate available.