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For those of us who own and operate small businesses, we pour all we have into feeding our family, paying our employees and hopefully leaving something of value behind to our heirs. For many that entrepreneurial drive is cut short by a premature death and without adequate life insurance, those that would have benefited from all of your work, simply won’t.

Small business has become the backbone of the American economy and the primary employer in our country. Too many small business owners, often because it’s never brought to their attention, never look into protecting their investment by guaranteeing income replacement for their family, or ensuring the continuation of the business through a buy/sell life insurance policy.

For most of us, owning and operating a business is a daunting task. We’re in business usually because we are good at something. Very often starting a business leads us to a sudden realization that what got us there isn’t going to keep us going unless we learn how to run a business and how to protect it as we grow. I know that hiring my first employee and becoming a corporation and putting life insurance in place that wasn’t just about my wife and I, were all quantum leaps.

So, just a quick check list:

1. What would happen to your family’s income stream if you died?
2. What would happen to your business and your employees if you died?
3. How would any business debt be paid if you died?
4. If you are in a partnership, how will your portion of the business be handled if you die? Would a family member step in and take over your position or would you want your family bought out?
5. Do you have a business continuation plan in place or do the doors shut when you die?

Bottom line. We work hard to build our businesses and there is no reason that the business or the legacy of what we’ve done shouldn’t outlive us.