There is a very real problem when it comes to the estates of “non-traditional” couples. Laws are written and uphold the estate laws for traditional married couples, but those laws don’t offer the same estate protection for other couples. Without getting into the fray about who’s right and who’s wrong, let me just say that the great equalizer for non traditional couples is life insurance.

Stephan Leimberg rights a monthly article called “Leimberg’s Think About It”. You can  purchase his monthly publication at In the September article he does an indepth look at estates and how they are viewed by law when it involves non traditional couples.

Quoting a Census Bureau report he states findings “that approximately 9% of coupled households are non traditional…living in a marriage like relationship.”

Let me just cut to the chase on this subject. There is NOT equality between married and non-married couples when it comes to passing on property and estate value, and in all likelihood there won’t be for some time.

The one thing you can do to make sure you take care of your significant other is through life insurance. The federal government doesn’t touch life insurance proceeds.

Bottom line. While there may be a fight to be fought over whether the law is right or wrong, do the right thing and protect your interests with life insurance.