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From time to time we will have a life insurance application postponed until the client completes a planned medical procedure. Sometimes it is a colonoscopy. Could be a tonsilectomy. The issue here is that if you are going to be medically assailed for just about any reason, the insurance company would prefer to wait until you’re out of the hospital.

My own experience would indicate they should probably have even tighter postponements. I was re-hospitalized 5 months after surgery due to a staph infection that was apparently introduced during that initial surgery to piece together a broken leg.

The truth is that life insurance companies have good reason to be cautious about planned medical procedures. The numbers of people who die due to medical mistakes each year are comparable to the number that die in car accidents.

Bottom line. From a life insurance standpoint it is just a matter of practical caution. If you know that a potential client will be at risk by being exposed to a medical procedure, postponement is prudent.