I swear there is full blown conspiracy going on to keep people from having in force life insurance. The conspirators? The life insurance companies and the US Postal service are certainly complicit.

This hits hard at a pet peeve of mine anyway. What is with our country and the whole holiday thing? If Christmas was on a Wednesday, people would likely get off early on Tuesday. After all it’s Christmas Even and all. Then they would be off Christmas and be back to work on Thursday. This year Christmas was on Sunday and since I’m just pissing about insurance companies and the postal service I will just stick with those.

Insurance companies sucked it to death. They took off early on Friday and truth be known, they just let a lot of people ruin any productivity they might have had by taking the whole week off. But for those that did show up last week it was an early Friday. They were then off for the weekend which happened to include a holiday. Then they take Monday off as a holiday which it most certainly wasn’t and the insurance company pays them for it. So there is pretty much a full week shot in the butt because the insurance companies aren’t particularly hung up on productivity. Why couldn’t they have told people to work all day Friday and pay them for Sunday and put them back to work first thing Monday.

The thing that really rips me about this is that while they are shooting productivity to death, they aren’t approving and putting life insurance policies in force. Of course they could make the argument that a few days doesn’t make that much difference and they’re right, unless you happen to die unexpectedly before your policy is approved. Your file is still on someone’s desk with a week’s worth of Christmas dust on it. When they finally get back Tuesday and approve it, you’re dead. The real bummer is that when the policy is finally delivered your wife can’t sign it to put it in force because, well, there’s this rule about putting life insurance in force after the date of death.

And complicit in those whole mess is the postal service. I swear a freaking Christmas card gets higher priority than business mail no matter how you send it. Normal time from Colorado to the East coast is four days. Ok, let’s say 5. Christmas cards get there in that time frame. I send a policy to someone and pay 10 times the amount of postage as a Christmas card and it takes 10-14 days at this time of year.

Bottom line. Going a lot of electronic next year. A few companies are allowing downloading of policies, and with scanned policies and delivery requirement using eft instead of a check to put in force, well, maybe I won’t be stressed this coming year. Thanks for all of my patient clients who suffer through these things with me. If you have any questions or suggestions call or email me directly. Let’s talk.