It always seems to come in streaks. Lies. Half truths. Whatever you want to call them, they get in the way of an agent doing the best, most professional job.

We always go through a list of health questions before we offer quotes. These questions are broad intentionally. They start with “Have you ever been told you have or been treated for…”.  The reason they are broad is that I want to decide if a piece of information is relevant and not put that in a client’s hands.

In spite of the broad scope and intent of the questions, people seem to feel OK about not divulging significant medical information. They know that we will be obtaining their medical records should they apply, but somehow, deep in their shallow minds, they think if they just don’t tell about it, they will get better life insurance rates. Just not telling about it will lead to better quotes, but after reviewing records I can assure you that the final decision from the insurance company will reflect reality.

I guess there is always the possibility that an insurance company will miss the significant information in their underwriting and you will get the rates you hoped you could bluff your way into. That works unless you die and the company reopens those files to have another look. I assure you that the second time they look at records they don’t miss anything. If they find out you withheld medical information critical to the underwriting they can deny the claim. Where does that bit of deception get your family?

Bottom line. Answer everything honestly. If you don’t hear a question that fits with a health issue you have had, tell the agent about it anyway. Put all the cards on the table and let the agent and the company work to get you the best possible offer based on the facts.