I’ve been accused of harping on some subjects, but I will never be accused of glossing something over or falling short of driving a point home. In our own health, as well as in our quest for lower life insurance rates, knowledge of our own health and educating ourselves as to our health risks is critical. If you don’t know your enemy and how to recognize it, how can you possibly expect to avoid it.

There’s a new game show on TV called the Power of 10. In this show contestants try to guess the percentage of Americans that believe some statement or another. Just as an example, they asked what percentage of Americans would rather watch a hot dog eating contest than a presidential debate. The results are always a little surprising.

Well, if the question were posed, are women more likely to know their weight in high school than their current cholesterol level, what would you think? A news story a few days ago answered that question, and you guessed it….I would not have brought it up if it wasn’t significant and knowing your weight in high school isn’t what I would call significant in the whole scheme of things relating to your health.

Just so you know 79% of women knew their weight in high school and 33% of women knew at least one of the four components of their lipid profile, total cholesterol, hdl, ldl and triglycerides.

In all fairness, while I haven’t seen any studies, I doubt that the average man knows their PSA level, a primary warning sign for the detection of prostate cancer. With free health fairs blanketing our country, their truly is no reason for men or women not to be aware of and on top of the warning signs for major risk factors.

The number one cause of death in women is heart disease. Knowing your cholesterol is important.

Bottom line. Avoiding serious health issues doesn’t just happen. Detecting health problems before they become dangerous takes a little effort. With health fairs, it’s not even a money issue. It’s all about caring and taking the time.