It’s that time of year when fall starts giving way to winter and we get those giant wet snowstorms that turn many from sedentary leaf peepers into snowplows.

It’s also prime season for people to visit the ER with heart attacks or heart attacks symptoms that turn out to be some other thing they’ve strained. Case in point, me! Not too long ago I broke my left arm and post surgery was told to let it rest in a sling for 3 weeks before starting anything other than some simple motion therapy they had outlined. My wife and I went on a trip and I convinced her I could drive part of the way without straining anything.

The day after we got back I woke with tightness in my chest, shortness of breath and pain in my left arm. After heart and blood clot issues were ruled out we decided that I had actually strained my chest muscles driving. Caused a lot of cardiac symptoms but fortunately not any issues.

Others are not so fortunate. I had plenty of life insurance and no immediate need for it. We’ve lost a few people in our community lately for which the opposite is true, an immediate need and no life insurance.

Whether it’s shoveling snow or hunting or cutting wood, or just doing the list of honey-do’s that you’ve been putting off for a long time, putting a strain on an under exercised body is a prescription for disaster.

What about life insurance for those who survive heart attacks? Count on it being more expensive than before, but generally a year out from the event and a good stress test will get you back in the game. Factors like your age at the time of the event and how many vessels were involved will play in to how good the rates can be, but with the help of a knowledgeable independent agent, you should be able to get on the road back to cardiac and life insurance health.

Bottom line. Take care of yourself. Let prudence guide your life. Don’t be like me and you’ll get better life insurance rates.