I really think there must be some confusion. Men’s Health has decided that Denver and Colorado Springs, Colorado’s two largest cities, are respectively the number one and number three drunkest cities in the country. Ouch!!

Right up front I want you to understand that I am a Colorado patriot of sorts, except for the Broncos. I’m a little miffed at the Rockies too. Anyway, I’m thinking that this whole survey is somehow skewed by altitude with Denver being over 5000′ and Colorado Springs over 6000′. How else could such a healthy, outdoorsy kind of place end up so stinking drunk.

Of course that 60 mile stretch of highway between the two cities is an awfully accident prone stretch of Interstate 25. Probably from people trying to make it back from a ball game in number one to the relative safety of number 3. They should get an apartment in Aurora and then they wouldn’t have to drive very far and be in a much safer number eighteen.

All kidding aside, I’ve talked about this mindset in the Rocky mountain states before. And while, as a whole we are toward the healthy end of most scales, that doesn’t do much for you if your liver falls out from over use. Probably not much fun being healthy and sitting in jail after a DUI bust either.

Bottom line. Colorado is a great place to live. Because of the great out door recreation and clean air, we are a healthy bunch and probably enjoy overall lower life insurance rates because of that. Looks like we may need to clean up our life styles more than just a little bit though. On the upside, Salida Colorado was voted one of the America’s 10 best outdoor towns today. Don’t be fooled into moving here by that article. The reason it is such an “outdoor” town is that 95% of us are homeless and living under bridges. And we all got kicked out of Denver and Colorado Springs for drinking too much. Beware!!!