A little more than 6 years after 9/11, private pilots can once again land at Reagan Washington National airport…………sort of.

The first landing since private aviation was banned into the airport happened today. The pilot was treated to a free wash for his plane as he taxied between two fire trucks that were creating a water arch. But, before you load your suitcase and head off to Reagan, you may want to consider some of the restrictions.

It probably won’t come as any surprise that there’s gonna be some rules. Background checks for all pilots and crew are mandatory. You also have to have an armed security guard, or in some cases an actual federal sky marshall on board. I guess that’s so if you come too close to someplace you shouldn’t, they can just shoot you and end the threat.

No thanks guys. Think I’ll just keep the plane out west and not take chances with an overly zealous sky marshall.

Bottom line. There are some great prices on life insurance for private pilots right now. I have written recently about the return of preferred plus rates for IFR and VFR at least on universal life and great offers on term as well. We’ll see what the underwriters have to say about an armed security guard on your plane. It would be one thing if he was there to protect you, but when his job is to make sure, by whatever means, that you don’t stray into the wrong area, well……