I understand comfort zones, local allegiance, friends who sell insurance and all of that, but is having all of your insurance needs handled by one person a prudent idea?

I have my auto and homeowner’s insurance with a local Farmer’s Insurance agent. A great guy, Tim has always been there with the expertise and frankly the prices that have kept my business from going elsewhere. Even the gecko isn’t going to get me to move.

But, is Tim a good life insurance agent? He is duly licensed here in Colorado to sell health and life and disability income and openly admits that his company’s prices stink in those areas and he really doesn’t know how to best service his customer’s with those needs. So, Tim is not what I would call a good life insurance agent. Having said that, Tim is not above taking an easy sale. And, unlike many life insurance agents, Tim will at least service his customers.

Throwing your life insurance eggs in a one agent fits all basket really doesn’t make practical sense. It is the crazy equivelant of buying a car at Sam’s Club. They can certainly ring that item up for you, but you would be buying a car from a place where they know nothing, absolutely nothing about what they just sold. If you call them up with a question, if they even know cars have owner’s manuals, that would be the closest they could come to helping you.

As a life insurance agent I have often been tempted to stray off into other areas. If you’re successful, you get invitations to sell every type of insurance product out there. I’ve been courted to sell health and disability insurance, annuities, life settlements, cancer supplements, Medicare supplements and, well, you name it.

Bottom line. Your best bet for finding the best rate and getting the best service is to put your trust with an independent life insurance agent.