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There isn’t much doubt with 48 million American adults who have the kind of responsibility that defines the prudence of having life insurance going without, that the question remains unanswered for many. Having been in life insurance forever I have to admit that not everyone I’ve helped get life insurance has needed it yet, as in someone died, but I do hear over and over that they are grateful to have the peace of mind. And guys, for every little bit of peace of mind that life insurance gives you, in means exponentially more to your bride.

And clients have died. Almost all of them unexpectedly. When they took out life insurance none of them foresaw a premature death in a private plane accident, from heart attacks, from cancer that came out of no where and took their lives quickly. All of them expected to live long lives and grow old together with their spouses and honestly, married or not, all of us expect to be around and live to complete our bucket list. The other common thread for those of us who love our families is that, in our absence, even if we haven’t put a lot of thought into it, we would like our families to be able to carry on and maybe even complete that bucket list for us with the life insurance benefits we left behind.

So, is it necessary? Is it absolutely essential for you to have life insurance? Of course not! It’s a personal choice and all revolves around how seriously we take the responsibility that we have taken on, whether that is marriage and children or a business or even a charity that we have poured out lives into. In most people’s minds it revolves around how much the life insurance is going to cost and they get stuck there. The truth is that we get stuck over the small amount of money that life insurance may cost, while never truly weighing the impact that buying a new car or some toy like a 4 wheeler or boat or jet ski. We finance those things and never give a thought to if our family will even be able to keep those things if we were to die prematurely. We take money out of the budget for our own pleasure and never consider that, in the absence of life insurance, our families might very well be among those that we see in the news all the time, asking for donations to help with final expenses.

I know I’ve shared in the past my own life insurance plan and why it’s important to me that, in my absence, my wife isn’t left with financial burdens and is able to do those things that she is passionate about. That’s me though. Setting aside the volunteer and charity loves that my wife embraces, I truly believe that the very least a husband or wife should do is have enough life insurance to leave the family without financial burdens. A wise guy once said that “A husband that dies without life insurance should have to come back and see the mess they left behind.” With adequate life insurance there is no financial mess, no inflicted financial hardship left by your income not being replaced.

Bottom line. Priorities! Responsibilities! Life insurance! It’s all a matter of perspective and budget. To be fair there are those whose every dime of income goes just to the necessities of life and I’m not out to bust anyone’s chops who is truly just trying to feed the family. But, if you have money left over beyond the necessities and it’s not addressing the future security of your family, consider your chops busted. If you have questions or want to see what it would really cost to remove financial concerns from your family’s thought process, call or email me directly. My name is Ed Hinerman. Let’s talk.