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I had posed a question to the Latino community a few weeks ago asking whether a life insurance website in Spanish with a direct line to bilingual staff would be something helpful. New York Life recently unveiled exactly what I was talking about. Yes, this is the same New York Life that rips off the over 50 population through AARP’s life insurance program.

The difference, the upgrade if you will, that we could offer through Hinerman Group would be exactly what we now offer in English that sets us apart from New York Life. We are independent with as many as 40 companies in our portfolio at any given time. We seek out the opportunity to serve the under served. We want to serve people with health issues that most agents and companies don’t want to deal with.

We constantly find better prices and get better underwriting results than New York Life whether you are in perfect health, or if you are among the millions out there with diabetes, heart disease, a history of cancer or depression, who have been shunned by insurance companies or told by insurance agents that you are uninsurable.

So, in our quest to better serve the under served, the question still remains. Does the Hispanic community really want to be served in Spanish? Is a Spanish website and a Spanish speaking insurance professional really something that would be useful?

Bottom line. For us it’s all about service. If we can do something to help out a group of people who aren’t getting what they need from the insurance industry as it is, we want to help.