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Thank you again for all the prayers on my Mom’s behalf. She had a sentinel node biopsy of the lymph nodes yesterday and it showed that cancer had in fact migrated from her breast at least to the nearest lymph nodes. I will continue to follow her process in this forum, not because I have a need to focus attention on my mother, but because her process is one that is shared by a few hundred thousand women every year in our country.

She will be referred to the same cancer clinic that my Dad went to when he was dealing with bladder cancer (still in remission). I called there this morning with a question. My question revolved around the fact that cancer of the lymph nodes is mcommonly known as lymphoma, so if cancer moves from the breast into the lymph system, is it still breast cancer or is it lymphoma. The answer is that it is still breast cancer and apparently that is an important distinction when it comes to treatment.

The lymph system is interesting in that it is an extremely important part of our immune system, helping to fight disease including cancer. But, because of the extensive nature of the system, it can also be responsible for being the vehicle (or highway) that allows cancer to spread throughout the body.

The next step for my Mom will be meeting with the doctor on Monday to get the results of the pathology of the cancer found in the lymph nodes. She should, at that time, be referred to the oncology team that will make a recommendation for treatment.

Bottom line. The good news for the hundred of thousands of women who are in this boat is that the treatment has come a long way and survival rates are excellent. With those survival rates, for those who are in the market for life insurance (unlike my mom), within a year post treatment a woman should be back in the hunt.