How many times have conversations with prospective life insurance clients started with, “I was declined by 1, 2 or even 6 companies so I’m sure I’m not insurable”!! Let me just jump up and say that you aren’t that one life insurance agent that knows that one life insurance company who has that one life insurance underwriter who happens to be especially understanding about your situation or impairment. All companies and underwriters aren’t the same and some are exceptionally different. I have helped people people who have been declined or have been rated like they were flat lining on the ER gurney get life insurance approvals at the best rate class with another company.

How would would you like it, or more appropriately how would your relatives like it, if your heart stopped in the ER, and they just threw a sheet over your ace and pronoucned the time of death and walked out? No attempt to revive you. No second attempt. Certainly no extraordinary attempt even though they have one of the best cardiolgists on their staff available. That is analogous to how life insurance agents treat their potential clients. One strike and you’re out. Suddenly the case becomes work and the enthusiasm is lost and rather than just suck it up and shop it or get 2nd, 3rd, or as many opinions as it takes, you have the sheet pulled over your head and are told that you can’t get life insurance.

There are people who honestly can’t get life insurance because of their medical condition or history, but there are far more whose condition or history can get an approval with a little work and effort on the part of the agent. Probably one of the most egregious examples of not working hard for clients is large online agencies where second tries simply aren’t in the budget. If they can’t get an approval at a rate acceptable to the client first time around they are told they can’t be helped and shoveled off into the “go find an independent agent” hole where you find someone like me or some of the other good impaired risk agents.

Bottom line. 99% of life insurance agents are’t going to work hard for your business. There are far too many 40 year old, disgustingly healthy clients out there who are easy business. The 1% of us who are good at impaired risk life insurance don’t have to compete with the others because clients look for us. If you have questions or have been declined unfairly, call or email directly. My name is Ed Hinerman. Let’s talk.