Investment or rental property is a great way to supplement your income and help solidify and diversify your retirement portfolio. The way you find the best investments is to find a professional real estate agent who puts your goals above everything else.

Absent that commitment, you are dealing with someone who is probably thinking about their bottom line first and your best interests second. On several occasions I have pointed out that the big on line brokerages aren’t real keen about quoting and selling Prudential. Prudential is always competitive and they have some of the most aggressive underwriting in the market today, so it all comes down to the bottom line. If the brokerage is going to make 20% more by selling you the second best deal, that’s where their interest will fall.

I am a big advocate of the idea that what goes around comes around. If you give the second best advice to try to make more money, clients will eventually catch on to the fact that you are a second rate agent or agency. You may be dumped for a more honest agent and you sure won’t be referred to any new business.

So, just like you would choose the best possible real estate professional, you should seek out the best possible life insurance professional. If you are looking at insurance coverage for investment or rental property, you will want an independent agent that is licensed in all states since you never know where you might find the right property. They should be licensed with multiple companies so that they can always nail down the best rate for you.

I’ve been particularly impressed just recently as my wife and I have been looking at property in our area. One real estate agent has really stood out as one that does her homework and has notably put our needs ahead of her own bottom line. If she was in life insurance, she would be someone I would recommend. I would highly recommend her for real estate needs.

Bottom line. Whether purchasing real estate or life insurance, the true professional you choose to represent you will stand out simply by putting you first.