Early stage in situ breast cancer has always been the easiest to underwrite for life insurance, although most companies still levy an extra charge for 1-3 years after completion of treatment.

Now one company has separated from the pack and has taken a bold stance, finally acknowledging that survival (mortality) rate is really what this is all about, and stage 1 or stage 2 in situ breast cancer have extremely high survival rates post lumpectomy.

This is great news because in the life insurance business, if one company has a good idea, other companies are sure to follow. With this change, given the criteria above, better than standard rates can be within reach as little as six months post treatment.

This now puts breast cancer into the same underwriting pool as early stage and low grade prostate cancer.

Bottom line. Life insurance underwriting all comes down to mortality experience. As studies show vast improvements in cancer survivability, underwriting will follow.