I am 56 and I can tell you honestly that 3 years ago I had never read a blog, didn’t know what it was or what it was for. I just knew that for my business to grow, for us to reach more and more people blocked out of life insurance for the same old reasons by the same old companies, my website needed to be more than one of the millions just sitting out there.

Our focus at Hinerman Group has always been to seek out and help those that our industry has painted into what we call the impaired risk corner. If you’ve been there, whether because you have diabetes or bipolar disorder, you know there is something that just isn’t right about being told that a company “doesn’t want to accept your risk”. You know you’re not dying. You know, just because you have bipolar disorder or depression that you are not going to commit suicide. You know that your heart attack or your prostate cancer was a wake up call, not a death sentence. You know that breast cancer has changed your life, but won’t end it. Our goal has been and will always be to snatch you from the insurance jaws of defeat and find a path to victory.

To that end, the brilliant mind in Hinerman Group, my office manager/web master/head geek, has asked me to begin twittering. Well, slap me again, but I’m looking at twittering and not getting it. Now mind you I believe I understand blogging at this point and I believe it has reached hundreds, if not more, that we have been able to help, but twittering??

I thought I understood it when she (my head geek), suggested that I just post life insurance news and I guess I got that, especially at a time when there is no lack of day to day changes going on in the life insurance business. Especially at a time when we are finding victory after victory for our chosen group, the less than perfect folks like me out there.

So I did, and then I “followed” a few folks that I thought might have common interests and then some began “following” me, and I was back to square one. I didn’t get it. @JoyofDiabetes seems to have a lot to say and has quite a following, but he mostly seems to talk about his minute to minute life. Regular things like taking the kids to soccer or his wife being out of town. How do I blend in with that and just let people know I am available to talk about their problems getting life insurance without being booed out of the stadium for being a “salesman”.

Now, mind you I have never “sold” in my blog. I have suggested to people how to find the better rates and suggested how to avoid pitfalls and suggested how to avoid those agents and agencies and advisers that clueless, but in over 900 posts I have never said call me….buy from me….! So, twittering, or tweeting…….?

Bottom line. I trust the person that has brought me light years from where I started and if she says twitter, well, I will. My prayer is that it will help as many people as my blog has, if not more. So my twitter thing is @HinermanGroup. Let me know how I can be of assistance.