To me this is another great example of our education system really missing the mark as far as what they perceive to be the most valuable information a young adult needs to get on with life. It is, and isn’t amusing that a high school student is required to pass Algebra in order to graduate, but they don’t have to be able to balance a checkbook and they don’t understand credit.

It is also less than amusing that human physiology is really just a study of the parts, and not an education in what can go wrong with the parts and why. High school students are never really exposed to the true risk factors of heart disease. They don’t understand that smoking, obesity and a sedentary lifestyle is a very real set up for a heart attack.

Blissful ignorance is hardly the gift of education. And it is this blissful ignorance that propels many children into adulthood destined to have serious health issues. It is this lack of education that will leave many of them unable to procure affordable life insurance when they reach that time in their life where they have family or business interests that need protection.

Bottom line. Our education systems are stuck where they are, so we, as parents, need to pick up the ball. Our children should not leave our homes unprepared. As they grow older we should never shy away from providing information they need to make prudent choices about their health, about credit and mortgages, and yes, about life insurance.