Not too long ago while writing on the obesity problem in America I ran across a state by state breakdown that showed my home state, Colorado, as being one of the 4 leanest states in the country. I wasn’t too surprised, as we are kind of an exercising, outdoorsy bunch.

Then last night I heard on our local ABC channel that a study showed that Denver was the heaviest drinking city in America as measured by the instance of cirrhosis of the liver. Two other Colorado cities were in the top ten.

This was also not a big surprise to me. I’ve lived my whole life in the Rocky Mountains and drinking, and especially drinking beer, has always had an acceptance here that borders on silly. I can remember growing up in Wyoming and being shocked when law enforcement started cracking down on drinking and driving. DUI was generally accepted and, I can remember times that, even if you were pulled over for not being able to keep it in your own lane, you were either told to be more careful or at worst given a ride home.

While DUI is taken far more seriously than when I was young, the Rockies are obviously still a hard drinking region of the country. Looks like we have more work to do to keep that healthy lifestyle image intact.

Bottom line. Lifestyle choices are an important issue in life insurance. Having your weight down and your liver functions out of whack due to excessive drinking is not the balance that life insurance underwriters are looking for.