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Ok, so it’s a “what if”, but there’s a lot of folks out there who won’t see the end of the day. Nothing shocking about that. A lot of those deaths will be expected and a lot of them, well, I guess there will be something shocking about them.

So, if you woke up this morning and God tapped you on the shoulder and said you were going to be leaving later today, what would you do to prepare for the void that was about to be left in your place? And just so this doesn’t turn into a feature length movie, let’s talk practical versus emotional.

I think I am safe in saying that if someone knew (supernaturally) the time was near and they were still healthy (maybe a heart attack coming this evening with no real symptoms), the opportunity to review and possibly increase the amount of life insurance they are carrying would be a consideration. Is that $250,000 worth of life insurance you’ve always carried because you never felt like it would be needed somehow feeling a little short now that you know your widow will be missing your income for a long time and facing retirement on her own?

The truth is most men feel like unsung heroes for carrying life insurance at all, and they also feel a little put out for having to spend money on something they don’t believe in. Show me a man who truly recognizes their mortality and you will generally be looking at a man who is adequately insured. Most men don’t buy into the whole premature death possibility so for them it’s a true waste of perfectly good play money, or investment money for the more serious.

But the truth is that men don’t have such a great track record when it comes to not dying prematurely. Studies show that 1 in 6 young men who make it to age 26 don’t make it to age 64 and in my mind, any way you slice it in this country, death before 64 is premature. How come if a person has a 1 in 6 chance of winning something they will bet heavily and when they have a 1 in 6 chance of causing a disaster they won’t insure against that possibility?

Bottom line. If today was the day? If you’re telling me that you know for a fact that it isn’t, you’re guessing.