I mentioned in a post the other day that one of my shortcomings is I have a very generalized philosophy that if a little bit of something is good for me, a lot of it should be great for me. If, whatever it is, can be used in monstrous quantities, who’s to say I may not be Superman?

Of course one of the things I was referring to was the often cited glass of wine per day being good for your heart. Then there is the aspirin a day recommendation. Why not knock down a handful of aspirin and a bottle of wine. If you could still walk you ought to be able to run a marathon.

My partner rained all over my parade today by forwarding a couple of articles, one designed to snatch that bottle of wine out of my hands, the other the bottle of aspirin . The day isn’t over yet. He will probably forward me an article about staying out of the sun to avoid skin cancer, thus ruining my weekend.

From a life insurance underwriting point of view he is probably right though. If, in my quest to avoid heart disease, I end up in alcohol treatment with bleeding intestines, my chances of impressing an underwriter with my intelligent thought process is probably pretty slim.

Bottom line. Moderation. If a little bit of something is good for you, use a little bit and let it be good for you.