Compliance and control! I haven’t beat that drum in a while, but that doesn’t change the fact that those two issues are the major underwriting issues in almost all life insurance applications where health is less than perfect.

I have used that soapbox most often pertaining to diabetes and the fact that without the two C’s, you are not going to like the rates you are approved at (best case) or the fact that you get a decline (worst case). But compliance and control weigh heavily on most health issues from high blood pressure to bipolar disorder.

Compliance could be defined as doing what it takes to stay on top of the health issue. If you have diabetes, for instance, compliance might mean that you check your glucose regularly and that you take your medication exactly as it is prescribed. There is a real tendency for people to get lax with these things and check glucose or take medications when they are having those low glucose kind of feelings. There is also a tendency to be lax about the quarterly followup visits that most doctors want to see. Having full labs done every three months is exactly the way to stay on top of your diabetes and away from all the collateral health issues that could pop up.

So, the same things that are going to positively impact your health are what the underwriters are really looking for. If obesity is an issue, a doctor monitored diet and exercise program. If sleep apnea is an issue, consistent use of a cpap machine. If skin cancer such as basal cell carcinoma is an issue, regular visits to a dermatologist is prudent and reasonable.

Bottom line. Doing the right thing pays dividends. Ignoring them carries a penalty.