Had I known about National Cholesterol Month, we could have taken the whole month off instead of just Labor Day. Seriously though, cholesterol has to be ranked right up there with high blood pressure as one of the silent killers.

I believe I mentioned in a post not too long ago that a survey claimed that something like 47% of Americans got their cholesterol tested annually. I expressed my assertion that if half that many actually do, it would be impressive. I think the survey figure is way too high, just like the cholesterol of many of those who don’t get it checked.

Cholesterol is taken very seriously by life insurance underwriters just as it is by most doctors. Left unchecked, high cholesterol is a sure ticket to an evening in the emergency room….or worse.

Bottom line. Know your numbers! Do try to get them checked annually. There are health fairs all over this country who are there to help you with free medical testing. Taking the time to get it checked and, treated if need be, is way less hassle than cardiac rehab. Helps you get better life insurance rates too.

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