Well, I certainly haven’d hidden the fact that my opinion of Suze Orman’s opinion on all matters life insurance is lower than a lizard’s belly. She is product ignorant and a few bubbles off when it comes to common sense on the subject.

Now comes Walter Updegrave who has earned himself the title of Senior Editor at Money Magazine. Mr Updegrave has proven himself to be the male equal of Suze Orman. He may even be a few steps ahead just because of the title he has attained and the expectation that he should know what he’s talking about. I honestly don’t think many people other than Oprah buy into Suze to any great extent.

Mr Updegrave wrote an article about life insurance for children, actually answering a letter from someone who had received a mail solicitation for children’s whole life insurance. His response was, like Suze, product ignorant and painted with such a broad brush that he gives the impression that 1. He knows what he’s talking about and 2. One size does fit all…..always.

He is obviously under the impression that 1. All children’s life insurance is whole life with cash value. 2. All American’s that don’t have health insurance can afford the final expenses of a child’s untimely death. And 3. He doesn’t seem to understand that guaranteeing a child’s insurability is worth something. In a post some time ago I made my case for children’s insurance.

Bottom line. Mr Updegrave should do his homework before professing expertise in an area he is obviously a bit short in. Children’s life insurance is a gift.