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I rarely get off the subject of life insurance but occasionally there are things that just baffle me and what better place to get them off my chest.

What is all this nonsense with “Somalian pirates”? I would accuse them of being brainless idiots for attacking great big ships from, excuse me, open bowed motor boats, but they’re getting away with it. So let me put the shoe on the right foot and suggest that any captain of a ship in that part of the world who doesn’t have someone on board that is real handy with a rocket propelled grenade launcher is, well, stupid.

These “pirates” aren’t coming at these ships with a lot of firepower and it’s not like they are going to ram you or anything. And let’s get real. If they pulled up next to a good sized ship where it’s 30, 40 or 50 feet up to the deck, who even needs a RPG. Just drop a bowling ball over the side and see how long they can stay afloat with a 10″ hole in the bottom of their boat.

Anyway, certainly seems like prudence would lead someone to not take their ship in that direction unless they were ready to defend it. At least most of our clients who have kidnap and ransom insurance aren’t willingly putting themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Bottom line. Things just striking me as odd today.