I have always been an advocate of, if a moderate amount of something is good for, then a huge amount should be great for you. A glass of red wine a day is supposed to help your chances of avoiding heart disease. So, why not a bottle a day and have the heart of a 20 year old forever?

So, get my blood pumping when I start reading about all the benefits of eating dark chocolate . I will not only be relieved of chronic fatigue syndrome (don’t think I have it, but sure don’t want it), but the chocolate is going to keep me from getting high blood pressure, help my blood flow and keep me from getting clogged arteries. How good is life?

As I pour a glass of wine and crack open a one pound bar of dark chocolate, I read on. Some articles should never be finished.

I really hate it when someone gets you all pumped up to attack the world with gusto and then suggests that moderation is the key. Whoever heard of moderate gusto?

Bottom line. As a life insurance agent I am really about whatever it takes to keep everything in balance and stay healthy. So, do as I say and not as I do….or do as the advocates of red wine and chocolate say, and not as I do…..or at least moderate your gusto if you can.