I don’t know if it’s because I’ve been blogging a lot on the subject, or dealing with life insurance underwriters and doing research, but bipolar seems to be popping up everywhere in my world.

I hear the word more. I see more ads on TV for treatment options. I hear it being discussed on talk shows and yes, in the tabloids. It seems, like most health issues, that there about as many treatment options as there are variations on the theme of bipolar.

I read people’s stories. You never find stories about mild, stable bipolar. Not much to tell. Take the medication and get on with life. The stories I do find really drive home just how varied and deep the disorder can be. One of the most recent I read was about a guy who was diagnosed bipolar while on a mission trip. Pretty horrible experience.

The good news is that we are reaching a lot of those people who’s stories are tough, but not horrible. The good news is that those who we are reaching that are compliant with their bipolar treatment and because of that they are able to lead stable lives, are also finding that the lie about bipolar being uninsurable is just that, a lie.

Bottom line. Life insurance companies aren’t looking for Superman or Superwoman. They do want to know that, whether it is diabetes or bipolar, their potential clients are doing all the right things and taking their situation seriously.