In a post a few days ago I talked about the fact that women in business have several reasons to consider life insurance. On a site called Women’s Initiative , they presented a list from an article in the Birmingham Business Journal, of statistics about women in business.

As I read through that list it struck me that women may have already taken over the world and that their need for business life insurance is certainly as large as I had insinuated, and really more far reaching.

Left out of my thought process were women majority owners of stock companies. Life insurance has long been a key tool in keeping control of a stock company in the event of the death of a major stockholder,  through the use of a policy for stock re-purchase.

Women as key persons in a business should be insured to offer stability to the business if there was an untimely death. Creative use of a return of premium refund policy can set that up to protect the company and reward the employee if they outlive the need for it.

Bottom line. Women are a powerful force in large and small business and they should seek counsel as to the best ways to put in place a business succession plan.