So here I am, sitting in a hot spring pool with my wife in Ouray, Colorado. (Actually, we’re back at the camper now). We’re on a road trip with out new camp trailer and took a few hours to soak. After about half an hour of hot spring bliss, my mind wanders back to life insurance (Fun vacation guy, huh?).

We’re in the hot section of the pools and there is this sign that goes something like this:

Hot Section 102-106 degrees
More than 15 minutes is not recommended
You should not be in this section if:
You have high blood pressure
You have diabetes
You have heart problems
You are pregnant

Well, I don’t know what kind of damage a person can do if they exceed the recommended 15 minutes, but if you die from it, the whole valley will be strewn with bodies in the morning. We were there almost two hours and there were people there when we arrived that were still there when we left.

I was kind of fascinated with the other warnings. I’m sure folks don’t pay any more attention to those warnings than they do the time limit, but I was wondering what temperature has to do with blood pressure, diabetes, and heart disease. I don’t have any internet in this campground or I’m sure Google would tell me.

If body temperature exacerbates these conditions, I wonder what would happen if someone with one of those health issues were to get sick, say with the flu, and be running a fever of 102+ for a long period of time.

Bottom line. It is all conjecture on my part until I get internet service. I do know that one of the big life insurance musts, is that you avoid risk factors that can make your overall condition worse. It’s all about taking care of yourself, so it must, at some point, come down to reading the signs and following the directions.