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I am playing in a “senior” qualifying golf tournament in the morning. I played a practice round today since I had never played the course. I was fortunate to be paired with 3 high school boys from Rifle, CO.

These guys were a throwback to the days when I played on a high school golf team in Casper, WY.

Oh yeah. Life insurance blog. I was standing off to the side on the 3rd hole and one of the kids hit me with his ball. At the time I was so far out of the way and the ball had so little speed on it, that we both just about died laughing. Fortunately we were able to pull it together just short of death and no claims had to be filed.

Oh, and the Google thing. I don’t know why, but my wife googled my name the other day and found my pairing in this tournament tomorrow. Just when I thought I was all about life insurance, golf sneaks into the picture.

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