Well, I’ve got your good news and your bad news. You know how I’ve gone on and on about all of the collateral health issues attributable to obesity. Now there is a study that indicates that people who are obese may in fact have lower health care costs than people of normal weight.

That’s the good news. The bad news is that the reason the cost is lower over a lifetime for someone who is obese, is that they don’t live long enough on average to have to deal with the cost of old age health issues.

Now, plenty have argued that I may overstate the impact of weight on health and mortality, but this spin on it is just one more way of saying that obesity isn’t good for you. Obesity kills, and it kills prematurely. Premature death is the number one reason that people carry life insurance, so if you are overweight, before other health issues set in and start taking a toll, talk to an independent agent.

Bottom line. Fairly priced, affordable life insurance is available for people who are overweight. It becomes less so rapidly if health issues such as diabetes or heart disease are added to the plate. Consider the needs. Understand that it will never be more affordable than right now.