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One of the hard facts is that people with type 2 diabetes are at a higher risk of heart disease and heart attacks than the average person. There has been growing concern among physicians that some of the medications used to control type 2 diabetes might also contribute to a higher mortality in those that do suffer heart attacks.

The May Clinic studied about 2700 people in Minnesota, their own backyard, who had suffered heart attacks. 18% of those studied were also diabetic. Of those that had diabetes, they were broken down into the different types of treatment to determine if the treatment in question, know collectively as SU2, had any more impact than other treatment such as insulin.

The study concluded that “These data do not support the concern among some physicians of an adverse impact of SU2 on survival after a heart attack”. Encouraging news for physicians and the patients who have found these drugs helpful in controlling their diabetes. Certainly it would be better to not have the diabetes, but there is some comfort in knowing that, at least, your treatment shouldn’t hasten your death.

Bottom line. In life insurance underwriting of type 2 diabetes, it’s all about control, normally gaged by your hbA1c, and controlling other risk factors. Better than standard rates can be had for someone who really takes the disease by the reins and controls and limits its’ impact on their body.