With our planet shrinking rapidly from a business standpoint it’s left many around the world scrambling for what to do about life insurance. Business life insurance can be fairly simple when all the parties live in the United States, but when partnerships cross borders and businesses become international of multinational in nature, well, fairly simple isn’t the first thought that comes to mind.

With an ever expanding global economy corporate identities often exceed borders and nationalities. Although originally domiciled in the US, a lot of American companies are partnering with foreign companies or moving or launching new branches overseas. This can become a life and disability income insurance quandary for the American and foreign management teams in charge of these foreign operations. An American executive of a foreign company or foreign branch won’t be treated any differently than a US ex-patriot when it comes to acquiring life insurance. It’s almost as if most life insurance companies are out to punish those who choose to retire or just live overseas. US life insurance companies are decidedly unfriendly to missionaries, American retirees, government and civilian contractors and foreign aid workers working and/or living abroad. For a large number of reasons and opportunities Americans are moving overseas in droves. They are in desperate need of personal and business lines insurance including life and disability, which are not readily available through all of the US companies who begged for their business while they were still here.

We have access to a full compliment of products that cater to the international business/ex patriot marketplace including term life insurance, disability insurance, accidental death insurance and kidnap/ransom insurance. The other great news is that there is no need to travel back to the US to acquire the insurance products. For those products that require an exam, that can be done where you are and policy delivery can be done electronically with esign delivery requirements and and auto bank draft and credit card payment options.

Bottom line. If US companies are going to rain on their own parade by refusing to work with you, we have options for companies that want your business and work hard to deliver and retain your life insurance. If you have questions or needs quotes for any of the products described, call or email me directly. My name is Ed Hinerman. Let’s talk.