Let’s face it. Obesity has long had a stigma all its’ own. After all, as the stigma goes, no one held them down and fed them until they were morbidly obese! Lack of self control!! Why don’t they just go on a diet and get off their rears and get some exercise??

And then when a person reaches the point where their health is endangered by their weight, society throws a whole different stigma at the idea of having gastric bypass surgery. “Taking the easy way out.” Well, let myself and a whole bunch of life insurance underwriters disagree.
The positive impact on health of gastric bypass, in many cases, outweighs the risk.

Why would there be something wrong with having a procedure done that would cure your type 2 diabetes, or your high blood pressure? Knowing that morbid obesity leads to a higher chance of heart disease, stroke and cancer, is it more prudent to take a legitimate step back in life, drop all that unnecessary weight, and get it right the second time?

Ok, there’s society’s opinion, mine and a lot of other opinions, but what really matters is gastric bypass life insurance underwriting and how do you get approved. There are two phases that have to be addressed in the life insurance underwriting, the weight loss itself and does the weight stay stable after it bottoms out. Depending on the individual and the weight to be lost, the time from bariatric surgery to the target weight will generally be about a year, but the length of time isn’t nearly as important as the success of the surgery in leading to a sustainable weight without complications, and a six month to a year period of weight stability once the target has been achieved.

After these two periods have passed a person who may not have been insurable at all may finally have a shot at some reasonable rates and more importantly, an approval. My earnest suggestions if you are at this point is that you don’t just throw your case out to the piranha tank of on line mega agencies. You need personal treatment and an agent that not only understands the process you’ve been through, but more importantly, how underwriters perceive gastric bypass weight loss. If someone just listens to your story and gives you a quote, hang up and try someone else. Any agent that knows what they are doing will shop it before they quote it.

Bottom line. There are good things that happen post gastric bypass both with your life and you possibility to get life insurance. You’re to be commended for going after both.

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