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Report after report talk about rampant, out of control obesity. MacDonald’s is to blame. Television and video games are to blame. I’m sure there are reports out there that directly blame my mother’s chocolate chip cookies. Somehow I ate them and didn’t get fat, but the rest of the country did and it’s my mom’s fault.

Now comes the real truth. It is the government and their infliction of daylight savings time on us that has really caused the problem. Check it out. Daylight savings time and the onslaught of obesity problems started about the same time and we all know how much the time change messes with our internal clocks. And now we find out that metabolism and weight gain can be effected by our internal clock.

And now that the new earlier in the year and later in the year changes have taken effect, we can count on yet another round of health issues caused by the government.

In all seriousness though, keeping a regular schedule has been proven to be effective in helping to regulate an array of problems from bipolar disorder to obesity. From a life insurance standpoint, regulation, or control is a key issue in whether a condition is insurable and how good the rates can be.

Bottom line. Whether it is bipolar, high blood pressure, obesity or cholesterol, having control so that other health issues or other parts of your life are not impacted is the key to reasonable and affordable life insurance rates. Is the government really to blame for obesity? Maybe. Is the government intentionally jacking with us twice a year and causing untold problems linked to stress? Absolutely!