There are days that stand out for me in life. My marriage. The day I gave my heart to Jesus. Each day that I have been able to deliver a death benefit check to a family of a client.

There are people who touch me and make a difference. Today I had an opportunity to share prayer with an 80 year old life insurance client of mine who’s business has been rocked by the recession. Imagine! 80 years old and still working everyday and living life the way you should, being honest and playing by the rules, and getting your tail kicked anyway. I can’t even begin to explain how this hurts my heart. All I could do was listen, pray and then put him in touch with a Dave Ramsey counselor. I feel blessed that I could be there for him when he needed someone to talk to.

There is a blessing that comes from no where, well of course from God, but seemingly out of the blue. There are moments or even something on internet that gives me hope.

Bottom line. I am humbled by life.

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