Sounds like one of those reward programs that are promised with credit cards! “Earn extra life insurance miles!” I know I have claimed in previous posts that my health, as least mental health, benefits from an occasional escape to someplace other than my office. So, is there something to it?

The list of stress related health issues might as well start with a full medical dictionary and tell you what to remove from the list. The truth is that most health issues or the severity of those issues can be traced back to stress.

And what better way to unload stress than to leave it all behind. I mean really get away and don’t drag any of it with you.

I tried a working vacation a year or so ago. I decided that we really needed to get away but, well, it was a busy time with my business and I was working overtime on blogging, so I would just take the lap top and my cell phone…….and, that was not what the doctor ordered!

I am blessed with an office manager who encourages me not to call in, not to check my email. She is quite capable and handles things very well in my absence. She is my permission slip. There truly isn’t any reason for me to drag work or even thoughts of work along with me. I have probably taken five vacations since she came to work with me. Each time I leave I tell her it is OK to call if she has a question. She never has.

My wife and I decided a few years back that a 7 day vacation wasn’t really long enough. If you figure two days travel, that leaves you 5. In my experience it takes 3 days to unwind and feel like you’re on vacation. With a 7 day vacation that means that about the time you are unwound, you are starting to plan to pack to come home. My recommendation, if you can do it, is 9-10 days. Long enough to relax and short enough that you won’t forget to come back.

Bottom line. Just my thoughts on another way to live longer, enjoy it more and pay less for your life insurance because you are stress free.